How to Team Build and Why It’s So Effective

Workers and their morale is the most important part to any business. That’s why team building is an indispensable practice for any company.

With employees working together all day everyday it is inevitable that individuals will have disagreements, objections and even fall-outs. This is dependant on how big your team is and how they are treated in general. There are many ways to get your staff bonding together with different tactics that involve boosting morale, getting people to work together and to ensure everyone is operating towards the same goal.


If you are managing a new team then the way you introduce yourself and the entire team is a pivotal role. You may wish to dedicate some time where each group work together and maybe even compete against other departments of the company. You could have an opening session that involves people talking a little bit about themselves and then eventually have them work on relevant topics or information in a quiz. Other companies even get puzzles or specific games that could contribute to your work’s practice.

Team Building Activities

Team building is integral to a company moving forward and there are a variety of different activities a business could take part in. To get workers gelling together and working towards a shared objective you could book a number of day-out options.

  • Paintballing
  • Cocktail Making
  • Bowling
  • Night Out

Here are some examples of how you can get your staff together to interact and work with each other along with competing simultaneously. Paintballing proves a popular choice, as it is not an easy task and one that needs a lot of enthusiasm. After some of these tasks many workers will relate to one another, have common ground and would have broke the ice. It gives everybody a chance to enjoy the same activity and work towards something. On top of that, the fact many employees will be enjoying a fun day out maybe even on work time will boost their morale.

Team Morale

Speaking of which, boosting morale is as important as building your team if not more valuable. Getting your company working in symphony isn’t always a simple mission. There are many ways to tackle this, you need to communicate often with your workers, offer proactive feedback and ensure they have plenty to aim for. Working towards a greater purpose cans sometimes help increase mood levels in a work environment. Introducing bonuses or rewards for high performers can go a long way as friendly competition and recognition. Another great way is to work for charity, this could double up as a team building operation. You could do a sponsored fun-run or skydive as a team whilst all working for a good cause. Another effective way is to integrate charity as part of your business policy and get your team working hard for a worthy cause. Click here to see how this could be incorporated into your business model.

Be sure to bind your group of workers together as you look to enjoy a friendly, hard working atmosphere.