Increase Your Work Productivity

Implement simple strategies into your daily routine in order to increase your productivity. As you take on more work or business you may need some help with getting things done.

Regardless of whether you are a business owner or employee, work productivity is integral. It can be easy to get distracted and equally as easy to lack direction, incorporate the following tips to help you up your work ethic.

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks

Too often we overload on unnecessary tasks that could quite easily be delegated. If you aren’t progressing from these duties then maybe it’s time to rethink about taking these jobs on. One of the common misconceptions is that carrying out team meetings are useful, that’s not to say they aren’t but scheduling a meeting for no reason or with no end-goal can be a complete waste of time.

Create To-Do Lists

To-do lists, aims, goals and deadlines are imperative to any work place. Writing down these aims can play a huge part in completing them. Write down goals of different magnitudes with some that can be achieved in a month and others in a year. You can then see the progress you have made when you look back. You can also write a daily list of things you need to do and you should always schedule the next day to see what you have on.

Designate Time

Manage your time assertively with allotted time for different tasks. Prioritise your time accordingly. You should put aside time to answer emails, for more important duties and other things that need to be done. You can also make clever use of your time by ‘killing two birds with one stone’. Want to continue your charity work but your time is being taken over by your business venture? Why not integrate the two?

Take A Break

Something that may sound counter-productive but in-fact you will need to take breaks. If you work at a computer you should take five minutes away from your screen every hour. Rejuvenate with a scheduled break throughout the day and avoid heavy lunches to prevent fatigue.

Free Of Clutter

Organise yourself and free yourself from clutter. Having a messy desk makes it difficult to put your hands on important files and ultimately keeps your brain mimicking this same pattern. So tidy it up and organise yourself with trays or other stationary essentials. This should also be considered when working on your computer or laptop. In this day and age it is just as important to locate your files and work in an organised manner.


Take time to actually breathe! Something we do all day everyday but probably not correctly. With so many stresses, work and poor posture our breathing is compromised believe it or not. We should spend a point in the day mastering our breathing and ensuring we become present. Many entrepreneurs and successful businessmen and women have emphasised the importance of meditation.

Everybody has twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, so it all comes down to how we use our time. Use the above tips to maximise your time and convert opportunities.