Why Donating To Charity Could Attract Business

Donating to charity itself is a great feat but it also proves to be one that could help your business progress. Increase revenue, advertising and your entire company’s popularity as you affiliate with a good cause.

Who wouldn’t like to donate to charity? It crosses everyone’s mind but it isn’t always as simple as that. But you can now make a contribution from your company and ultimately it could become cost-free. Donating to charities can pay for itself as it reduces costs and could also increase the revenue.

CSR Policy

A CSR policy is imperative for any firm as they look to showcase a positive reputation. It’s all about ethics and what your company stands for; this means a lot when you are looking to interact with your market. One way to improve this policy is to try and give back, whether this is in your community or to donate some of your profits to charity.

How can you do your part for charity?


  • Fundraising events
  • Sponsor a charity or one-off event
  • Donate annually
  • Contribute a percentage of your profit
  • Start a specific campaign by donating sales from a particular products or service


The list goes on when it comes to making your contributions. You could incorporate one-off events or sponsorship and even play a bigger part by donating a percentage of your profits to a good cause. Tesco often sponsor big charity events and also donate directly to local communities, whilst smaller companies such as My Favourite Voucher Codes donate 20% of their monthly profit to a good cause and allow their consumers to vote for which charity receive the donation.  Click here to see the list of charities this business affiliate with and how they make a massive difference every month.

You already know why it’s great to give to charities and how significant the help can be for those in need. But how can the costs take care of themselves for small businesses?


Advertising is a costly business and one that has been at the forefront of a company’s agenda for centuries. Everybody knows how valuable advertisement is whether it’s through billboards, television, radio, leaflets or other ways. When taking part in events or fundraising you are getting your company out there and becoming a banner for your business. You’ll get free advertising from the use of newspaper articles and you may even be able to enjoy having your name displayed at an event.


Your reputation will improve and this will also follow on as important advertising, with the word of mouth still being a valuable trait for companies. A lot of word of mouth is now carried out on the Internet, but you will now be associated with your good deeds.

Team Morale

It’s a great way to get your team motivated, as you’ll be working together to make a change. It’s great to work for a bigger purpose than just money and giving your company an aim to make a genuine change is liberating.


Often, you’ll build networks with others that are also doing their part. Your name will get out there and you may get talking to businesses with a similar target as yours. You’ll be surprised how many people you could network with when you get asked for a feature in newspapers and more.