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Send your DEMOS!

This record label accepts all genres and are waiting for demos from Audio Rokit members now. [more]

Record Label looking for committed Artist and Song Writers

PLG and it's subsidiaries are looking for Artist and Producers that hold a desire to move forward in the industry and understand the responsibility they need to have a shot at true music success. [more]

Seeking Indie-Pop And Electronic Artists For Release And Publishing.

This record label is actively seeking indie-pop and electronic artists for release and publishing. [more]

Seeking new artists for the Blue Pie label!

We are seeking new bands and artists for our Label and global TV shows! [more]

Promoters/Venues/Bands wanted

This new booking agency is looking for promoters/venues/bands so they can set up a network of contacts over the UK to be able to put on tours and one off gigs. If you are in a band and looking for gigs can you bring a potential venue to the table to extend this new network? [more]

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